Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Черная пятница набирает обороты в Великобритании

Almost 70% of Brits are going to shop on Black Friday

As UK merchants work to persuade consumers to spend money now before the cost of living issue decimates their Christmas budgets, Black Friday may become more significant this year.

Nearly 70% of UK customers want to participate in the promotion at a discount, according to McKinney & Co.

Some companies started offering discounts at the beginning of November

Sales in the week leading up to Black Friday rose by a third compared to last year, however, that doesn’t mean consumers are throwing money away, as the bigger picture shows they are forgoing Christmas as energy bills rise.

In many cases, Black Friday has turned into Black November because many retailers have started offering Christmas discounts from early September and October to encourage shoppers to shop earlier than usual.

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