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BCR Company information and reviews

 The company has two names: BCR and and Bacera, registered in Australia in 2009. The company specializes in offering support services on financial markets. It is a client oriented company and therefore above all strives to put the client’s interests first. The company works on the principle of robot without intervention of the dealer, which means that transactions are made in real time.

The company’s work makes the trading environment transparent and convenient with many different reports.

 Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the company

BCR – one of the few Australian brokers, which is known far beyond its borders. It is easy enough to open an account trading platforms convenient functional, here you can conduct technical analysis without much difficulty, and communication with the support team is quite simple and high quality.

  Unfortunately, the company only offers a CFD, which may not seem like enough for experienced traders, and the level of educational material is not exemplary in this industry, which will leave new clients dissatisfied.

Is BCR really a reliable broker or is it just a fraudulent organization?

 To begin with, the company is officially registered in Australia, licensed and regulated by the most reputable organization in Australia. The CFD trading involves low risks.

 The regulator of this organization is the ACIC-it is quite an authoritative regulator with very strict rules, the company-manager of the brand Bacera.

 Instruments for trading

 Although the trading instruments are limited to CFDs, they in turn are divided into stocks, indices, natural resources, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and others.  You are justified by the fact that it is possible to open a trading position in a fairly short period of time.

 Options for opening an account

Clients are offered to choose one of three account options, different clients have different requests, but at the same time it is recommended to get acquainted with the platform features on demo versions of the trading account first. Generally, regardless of which trading account you choose, you will be given access to the deposit and withdrawal of funds, various forms of statistics, exchange of messages with customer service. Moreover the broker periodically carries out various promotions with valuable prizes.

Is it easy to deposit to your trading account?

BCR Company information and reviews

 In order to deposit funds to your trading account you should use one of the following methods: transfer by requisites, payment by international plastic card or by depositing from your cryptocurrency wallet. Methods of withdrawal correspond to the way of depositing the entire process takes minutes.

 The company has a limit on the minimum amount of investment to start trading, it is $300. The company does not earn on withdrawals and execution, so there are no commissions for these operations.

Trading terminal

BCR developed its own terminal based on the platform from Metatrader, which immediately received many prizes for its convenience and functionality. The company welcomes scalping strategy trading, there is also the possibility of automatic trading.

Presented a sufficiently large number of tools for charting technical analysis including indicators and some additional tools.

 The design is comfortable enough, you can customize it to your liking. The platform itself is available in three versions: browser-based, desktop, or as a mobile application.

All three versions of the platform have approximately the same functionality.

 Customer Service

 Customer support is a strong point of this company, you can reach them through the built-in chat, by calling the hotline or by sending an email.

Although the list of materials available for training is not big enough, the company provides a lot of analytical material on a weekly basis as well as technical and fundamental analysis from a team of professionals at BCR brokerage.


 In conclusion, it should be noted that this broker is sufficiently reliable due to the work with the license, due to the regulation by the largest Australian regulator ASIC. Very comfortable and at the same time simple platform, which is based on the platform number 1 MetaTrader-will be a convenient addition to all the other positive qualities of working with this broker. The spreads are quite low, you can even call it competitive. Bonus systems are periodically offered to clients.

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