Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Social trading

CopyTrade is a modern social trading service from Axiory. Customers can use the service to mirror the tactics and holdings of professional traders. This is an excellent opportunity for newbies to the financial system to study from seasoned traders. This product can be used by professional ones to earn a supplemental source of revenue.

Dozens of skilled investors’ strategies can be duplicated on the broker’s online stock trading. Customers can choose skilled traders with the best reputation by looking at the proportion of profit and loss displayed in the app.

For newcomers, the newest Axiory program is a terrific way to cut down on hours, if not days, of consumer research and technical indicators. It also offers a convenient opportunity to learn from seasoned investors while receiving entry

Transaction settings like position size, transaction volume, and risk analysis warnings can be controlled by professional ones. A new attractive income source is also accessible for skilled traders.

“The Axiory CopyTrade app is already part of our vision since 2020,” said FBS Head Of marketing Dominic Poynter. We hoped to create trading much more available, and what best option to do so than by emulating the tactics of successful traders? This is an opportunity for investors to broaden their trading perspectives and accounts under the guidance of pros while also learning about trading methods and do’s and don’ts in a supportive environment.

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