Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

AXIA launches staking program with 192% potential annual return

AXIA Coin, the world’s first hyper-deflationary virtual currency, has announced a staking mechanism that allows users to set their daily fees.

The end of AXC’s appeal for specific periods might assist users in receiving the services for their compound rate, which is paid every day. Users are expected to obtain the greatest annual remuneration of 192 percent, according to the platform.

Interest rates on savings accounts in industrialized countries are quite low, as the average annual percentage yield of American banks in October was 0.06 percent. Banks, on the other hand, are flooded with foreign currency cash from buyers who have put their money in savings in the event of a pandemic. Due to the lowest interest rates and steady drop in the value of currency terms, this circumstance, which coincides with the rise in inflation, illustrates that private owners who conduct bank transactions with the opening of fiat funds will notice a fall in the price from their funds over moment.

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