Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Акции азиатских финансовых компаний восстанавливаются

Topix Banks jumped 4.6%, offsetting a 16% drop.

In the Asia-Pacific region, shares of most banks increased as concerns about Silicon Valley Bank’s abrupt collapse and its wider effects subsided.

Leading the sector’s advances in the area, the MSCI Asia Pacific Financials index increased up to 2%, overcoming a three-day loss brought on by issues at SVB and Signature Bank.

Japanese stocks dominated the leaderboard

On the assumption that the worst may be over, concerns over the state of the US financial system and its effect on the global economy are decreasing.

Over the last three sessions, the market value of businesses included in the MSCI Global Financial Index and MSCI EM Financial Index has decreased by more than $450 billion.


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