Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Следующий шаг Apple в рекламе будет основан на новой футбольной сделке

The company is preparing to expand live advertising.

As part of its agreement to show Major League Soccer matches next year, Apple Inc. is developing a new live TV advertising network.

Apple is working on adding ads to apps.

Apple’s more aggressive approach to advertising, which brings in around $4 billion in revenue each year, includes the move.

The internet giant recently agreed to a 10-year deal to broadcast MLS games on both a new subscription service and the Apple TV+ streaming service, where the business would offer some of the games to viewers without charge.

Apple believes that the key to profiting from the MLS arrangement is ad revenue from MLS games in addition to subscription costs. The contract is worth $2.5 billion over the following year, or $250 million for one season.

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