Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Apple впервые продаст произведенные в Индии iPhone в день презентации

The made-in-India iPhone 15 will be made available in the South Asian nation and a few other regions on the day of global sales. Although the vast majority of iPhone 15s will be made in China, this will be the first time the most recent model assembled in India will be made available on the day of global sales.

It will also draw attention to India’s burgeoning manufacturing capabilities and signal a substantial change from Apple’s prior approach of peddling brand-new, primarily Chinese-made products to impatient customers all around the world.

Apple sees the rapidly expanding market as a retail opportunity as well as a significant production base for its products in the long run. This year, the company opened its first store in India.

The financial incentives provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to encourage domestic production, as well as Apple’s decision to diversify outside of China amid the trade conflict between the United States and China, have made India a key component of the iPhone manufacturer’s diversification efforts.

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