Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Apple предупреждает об уязвимости в безопасности iPhone, iPad и Mac

Serious security vulnerabilities in iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple, Inc., disclosed critical security flaws in the Mac, iPhone, and iPad that may possibly give hackers total control of these devices.

Experts advise updating vulnerable devices

According to Apple, if a hacker is able to take complete administrative control of a device, they will be able to pose as the device’s owner and execute any software on their behalf.

Users of the impacted devices, including the iPhone 6S and later, various iPad models, and Mac laptops running macOS Monterey, were encouraged to upgrade them by security experts.

Commercial spy agencies, like Israel’s NSO Group, are well known for spotting and taking advantage of these vulnerabilities in spyware that secretly collects content from targets’ smartphones and tracks them in real time.

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