Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Гигантская зарядная станция для электромобилей в Великобритании будет также питать сеть

Charging station capable of charging hundreds of vehicles a day

A new electric vehicle charging station with two batteries that can send power into the UK grid and the capacity to charge hundreds of vehicles each day is opening in Oxford.

The project, called the Energy Superhub Oxford, will have 42 rapid charging stations.

UK aims to meet its carbon reduction targets

Twelve Tesla superchargers, a tough 2 MW vanadium battery, and a 50 MW lithium-ion battery are all included in the £41 million ($50 million) project. This is the largest fusion of two battery types and could be used as a model for increasing storage to fulfill climate goals.

Access to energy is a major obstacle to widespread electric vehicle charging. Local distribution systems must maintain a delicate balance and frequently can not handle the enormous, erratic demand from electric vehicle charging stations.

By charging during periods of abundant sunlight and wind and discharging during periods of high demand, batteries can help enhance the quantity of energy produced by renewable energy sources.

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