Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Роботакси Arm Zoox от Amazon появится раньше, чем ожидают

Arm Zoox testing has already begun.

Since testing has already started, Zoox CEO Aisha Evans, of the auto business of Inc., anticipates that autonomous vehicles will enter cities sooner than anticipated.

A serious problem will be the expansion of autonomous infrastructure.

She stated that maintaining a consistent user experience while extending offline infrastructure outside of the original locations will be a significant problem.

Our robot taxis will soon be used on public roadways, but only on a small-to-medium scale. Our capacity to continuously add cities, which benefits clients, is the problem, said Evans.

According to analysts, Amazon’s acquisition of Zoox in 2020 may help automate its delivery fleet.

Zoox is creating robot axes, autonomous vehicles that can accommodate up to four passengers but lack a steering wheel and pedals.

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