Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Amazon увеличит охват футбольных матчей в Великобритании

Broadcast deal could be worth around €1.7bn

As the tech juggernaut delves deeper into the sport, Inc. is close to reaching a deal to broadcast Europe’s top tournament in the UK.

The American corporation is one of many broadcasters that will cover the 2024–25 Europa League, the Europa Conference League, and the UEFA Champions League.

Deal aims to increase demand for Prime Video

The agreement is a fresh indication that Amazon is still prepared to compete for some of the most expensive sports licenses to increase interest in its Prime Video service.

The firm already airs live English Premier League games, and last year it also secured the rights to air the majority of the major French football tournaments.

The agreement will benefit UEFA’s newly expanded Champions League, which last year faced the possibility of a breakaway Super League.

To make the Champions League more competitive and to demonstrate to clubs that it can increase their revenue, UEFA increased the number of participating teams and matches.

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