Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Amazon Whole Foods will get a new CEO

McKee will replace the current chief operating officer

Whole Food Market CEO John McKee will step down in 2022, suggesting a shift in leadership at the grocery Inc. purchased four years ago.

In September 2022, McKee will be succeeded by Jason Buchel, who joined the firm in 2013 and served as chief operating officer for the past two years.

Amazon acquired the organic chain in 2017

McKee co-founded Safer Way, a natural foods store, in 1978. Two years later, a merger with another natural foods business resulted in the opening of the first Whole Foods Market location.

His chain was credited with popularizing organic goods as it grew into a nationwide franchise in the United States.

Despite concerns from major supermarket chains, McKee mediated the sale of his company to Amazon for $13.7 billion in 2017 under pressure from investors.

“I’m happy that Amazon’s leadership decided that Jason was a suitable fit for the post,” McKee added.

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