Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Amazon использует драйверы гиг-экономики для доставки из торговых центров

The test can help expand the range of products for fast delivery Inc. is experimenting with a service that picks up packages from mall stores and delivers them to customers using the company’s huge network of drivers.

If the program becomes part of the company’s shipping options, it might help the e-commerce giant broaden the selection of items available for the speedy shipping.

The experiment involves conventional retailers

The service began last year and relies on Amazon Flex drivers to deliver products using their cars. Several of Amazon’s partner retailers are participating in the campaign, according to spokesperson Lauren Samaha.

Instead of stopping at Amazon delivery sites, trucks are now stopping at malls. The company operates its city warehouses, which are filled with items from select third-party retailers for quick delivery.

Amazon accelerated its growth by establishing its own logistics business, but it came at a cost. The corporation announced its first quarterly loss in seven years last month.

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