Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Amazon закрывает продукт виртуального тура "Amazon Explore"

The online giant’s latest belt-tightening move

As it adjusts to falling sales, online retailer Amazon.com Inc. is cutting back on a virtual tour tool dubbed “Amazon Explore” that was introduced during the pandemic.

Cut costs on experimental programs: Amazon cuts costs.

“While we continue to innovate and invest in new experimental programs, we are gradually ending the Amazon Explore program. In a statement, Amazon said: “We are working to discover alternative opportunities across the firm and are supporting our affected workers during this transition.”

Amazon is limiting the use of experimental programs to reduce expenses. Thus, Scout, an autonomous delivery robot, and Amazon Glow, a video-calling device for children, are among the features or items that have been removed or canceled.

Additionally, Amazon has stopped hiring for its corporate retail teams and is closing down its recently launched telemedicine business, Amazon Care.

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