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3 stocks with good dividends worth buying at Robinhood

3 stocks trading

Securities of the main bank of the United States-Bank of America, have significantly increased in value this year, but due to the growth of interest rates, they are projected to increase further.

The software company Microsoft is planning to buy back its shares to the amount exceeding 60 billion rubles.

With the development of the pandemic and the development of the covid vaccine, Pfizer has shown very good growth.

If you think Robinhood clients are betting on stocks with good dividends, you’re slightly mistaken, the average investor is a young person who is interested in securities with skyrocketing prices.

Most of the securities placed on Robinhood do not involve dividends, there are exceptions among them. Let’s take a look at what to look for, which three dividend stocks we advise you to buy in October.

Bank of America.

As for the great financiers, such as Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger are not partners or fans of Robinhood, but they give their preference to Bank of America securities.

3 stocks with good dividends worth buying at Robinhood

Among users of this platform, Bank of America ranks 27th out of the top 100 assets.

In terms of earnings, namely dividend income, this stock offers 2%. At the beginning of the year, the stock of this famous bank has risen almost by half.

As proof, we can provide the words of the President of the United States, who recently said that once the interest rate rises, Bank of America’s yield will rise significantly.


Quite often, investors simply do not pay attention to the fact that Microsoft regularly pays dividends, all of which began in 2003. Of course, the dividend yield is not good enough to buy this company’s stock just for that, averaging 0.86%.

In fact, the trader chooses the securities of this company as firstly, this company is in the top ten most popular companies, and secondly, the prices of these shares are expected to grow, as the company itself plans to buy back at least 60 billion of its shares and this is a not far off prospect, planned to take place in the next couple of years.

Very often, company representatives say that the path of development of this company is something similar to the development of IBM, and offer to compare what was the company in the volume of 60 years and what it is now.

Among the clients of Microsoft are not only companies, customers are millions of people around the world. A big step in the company’s development was the advent of the Xbox.


Pfizer is almost at the same level in the previous campaign in the rankings compiled by Robinhood. The company has been known since long before the coronavirus, big investors have been paying attention to it for a long time.  Congratulations to the previous two reps, the company pays a more generous dividend, averaging 3.6%.

For a long time, investors have only counted on dividend income, the situation fundamentally changed after the company developed a vaccine against coronavirus, which was named Comirnaty, the success of this asset is simply phenomenal.

But do not think that only the vaccine contributed to the growth in the value of the securities of this company, the company developed a very effective drug to treat cancer Inlyta and Xtandy, as well as a blood thinner called Eliquis.

Pfizer has also succeeded in treating pneumococcal infection with its Prevnar vaccine. Also at the moment, more than 20 types of drugs are in development, among which future market leaders are already being identified, such as the virus vaccine PF-06928316, as well as the coronavirus pill PF-07321332.

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